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Anglia Asbestos Disease Support Group (AADSG) was established in 2016, following a chance meeting between the groups founders. Terry Vine was inspired to set up the group following his own Mesothelioma diagnosis, and Brian Wallis sadly lost a family member to an asbestos disease and is a long-time campaigner for Mesothelioma UK (a cancer charity for anyone affected by mesothelioma).

The group was set up for individuals in East Anglia suffering the effects of exposure to asbestos, including conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, asbestosis, diffuse pleural thickening, and pleural plaques.

Regional law firm, Ashtons Legal, has sponsored the group since its inception providing the venue, lunches, presenters and invaluable knowledge to attendees in each session.

While the group has lost some special friends over the years to these conditions, it continues to welcome new members and has developed a welcoming and supportive community. Not only does it offer patients an opportunity to learn more about their conditions and the help that is available, but it also enables them to gain experiential advice from other attendees.

Since 2016, AADSG has enjoyed many events to aid fundraising as well as to build friendships.

Each year, the group celebrates Christmas with a sit-down lunch with all the trimmings. Members have also enjoyed a range of activity sessions including chair yoga, massage therapy, singing, festive wreath making, flower arranging and more!

There have been numerous guest speakers giving advice on treatments, trials, diets, alternative therapies, financial compensation, legal advice and other issues patients and carers may face on their journey.

Testimonials from our members

"We like going to the support group and find there are other people to talk to who understand our situation. We enjoy the company and the activities we do some months. People also share what treatments are available and how to get them."

"It’s great to get professional advice from some of the nurses who come along to the meetings."

"The social connections with other people who are in the same situation is a real benefit to the group. The feeling that you are not alone in dealing with this horrible disease."

"We look forward to our monthly meetings as we enjoy the various activities that are arranged for us to take part in, and the general companionship and friendships of everyone."

"We would recommend Ashtons Legal to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation as myself."

"I have found the group very supportive and helpful, discussing with others the journeys we all go on. It seems that treatment is improving through different trials that are now available."

"I appreciate the various speakers who have come along to the group meetings as well as the different activities that are organised to take part in."

"It’s a very supportive and friendly group - I hope my experience helps others in some way who are also on this journey."

"The support group has allowed me to meet other people with the same condition and be able to talk about the diagnosis and way forward. The help and support is invaluable."

"Having the monthly meetings with guest speakers has been really beneficial."

"I’m very proud to be part of this group and I hope I can pass on my experience of caring for someone with Mesothelioma with those who have it now."

"Being able to discuss ways of controlling pain with others in the same situation has been really useful."

"The help and support, and contacts with professionals in the health and social sector is a real benefit of the group."

"So pleased I found this group for my mum and my family. Keeps us positive through hard times and it's so good to share experiences."